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Consulting and Maintenance

Currently, many infant schools institutions use interactive systems for classes: computers, tablets, interactive boards, touch tables, etc.
However, due to the complexity of this equipment and the lack of specialists with skills in the field of information technology, pre-school educational organizations use a small part of the entire possible functionality.

Our company helps here and offers the following services:
• System integration (consulting, choice of solutions, installation and configuration of equipment);
• Maintenance of multimedia equipment and peripheral equipment (cleaning, assistance in the replacement of components, software installation);
• Organization and hosting of webinars and videoconferences;
• Consultations on the development and production of gaming multimedia systems;
• Consultations on the development of multimedia content (interactive presentations, video and 3d-video, mobile applications).

We help to use the entire fleet of computer and multimedia equipment.

Development - Production – Integration
Interactive Whiteboards
come with the computer and interactive surface of individual size
Interactive Floor
comes with the computer and reflective surface with individual size
Interactive Sandbox
In real time, the child will be able to manage geographical objects - make new landscape, change river beds, raise or depress water level, etc.
Projection systems
from a projector with a screen to an interactive panoramic screen
Information display
built-in microcomputer with special software allows you to manage content from any computer on the network. Digital Signage in Preschool.
Interactive Games
interactive games development for all platforms
Webinars and video conferences
preparation and hosting of webinars and video conferences with remote participation